DC Firefighter's Burn Foundation

         The D.C. Firefighter's Burn Foundation mission is to prevent burns and improve the quality of life for burn survivors through programs, education and research.

Vision Statement
         The vision of the D.C. Firefighter's Burn Foundation is to reduce burn injuries in the National Capitol Region by providing and supporting comprehensive and accessible information on burn prevention and education.
         In addition, our vision is to ensure that all burn survivors and their families receive the best medical care possible, and are offered the highest level of support, both during and after treatment.

         Leadership: We demonstrate effective leadership as individuals and as an organization by empowering and encouraging others to exercise their best qualities.
         Integrity: We earn the trust of those we serve by operating ethically and professionally. We treat all individuals with respect and dignity.
         Dedication: We commit to the goals of the organization and community always striving for improvement and excellence.
         Quality: We define quality as meeting the needs of the survivor, family and community. We measure quality by their satisfaction.


   To learn more you can visit the DC Firefighter's Burn Foundation's website by clicking the logo above.