Event Descriptions


Feed the Firemen: In this event each team is given a main ingredient to prepare a meal for three hungry firefighters. The teams are in charge of using their main ingredient in this iron chef style competition to feed the firemen. The main ingredient in past events have ranged from apples to chicken and even macroni and cheese.


Pike Spike: This event is a round robin volleyball tournament where each sorority along with their Pike coaches competes in best of three volleyball games. The event is held in the George Washington University’s Learner Health and Wellness Center.  


Skit Night: Held in Funger Hall, this night is full of fun and creativity. The sororities and their captains work throughout the week to develop and present a skit to be performed in front of the DC Firefighters and the rest of GW Greek life. The firefighters judge the event as a week’s worth of practice is put to the test.


Fireman’s Challenge: The culminating event brings all of the sororities to GW’s University Yard for an event that tests the athleticism, team spirit, and even eating abilities of each sorority. The day is full of a bunch of events including a tug-of-war, hose push, bucket brigade, and hot dog eating contest. The final event is a relay race which puts the sororities through different tests that real firefighters go through in training.

Dalmatian Dollars

Dalmatian Dollars: A fire hydrant is used as a piggy bank an placed in the houses of each sorority. Throughout the week the sororities place loose chain in the fire hydrants in an effort to raise money for the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation.